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A Stronger Foundation

 A Stronger Foundation leads the fight for criminal legal system rebuilding. We advocate, educate and innovate around mass incarceration, probation and parole reform. We fund innovative approaches and techniques used to bridge the gaps in the systems of transportation, housing, education and employment for at promise youth and returning citizens.  By investing in A Stronger Foundation, we can support solutions designed to address the unique needs of at-promise youth and returning citizens and drive change from the ground up.

Our Why

Our why is simple, everyday more than 650,000 individuals are released back into society, most with very little to no resources for a truly successful reentry, that is access to transportation, housing, education and employment.  Most often these individual barriers overlap and intermingle.

Without reliable transportation one is less likely to maintain employment, without access to education, one is less likely understand how to navigate the community and available resources.  Most importantly without access to adequate housing not only does the stress and fear take a mental toll, but one is less likely to maintain stable employment and in-turn, putting individuals at risk for recidivism and creating an unsafe living environment in our communities.

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How We Invest

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